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Thursday, April 7, 2011


The craft fair brought up several good questions so I decided to try and answer them for all my customers.
QUESTION #1. How long do custom orders take?
ANSWER: On a normal basis, less than 2 weeks. Unless you have requested a special material that has to be ordered online, then it may be delayed.
After a craft fair, you can expect up to 3 weeks.
QUESTION #2. Can you shorten the custom order time?
ANSWER: Yes, I can arrange to expedite your order. There may be a small fee assessed. I will let you know up front if there is one.
QUESTION # 3. Where do you find your ideas?
ANSWER: There are several online sites that I like for applique ideas. I also follow a few blogs that do sewing tutorials.
QUESTION # 4. Where do you get your materials?
ANSWER: All over but a few tried a true places are, bear paw quilting, lonestar quilting, Cotton Patch, Hobby Lobby, Mary Maxim,, Hancock, Joann's Fabric, All 4 my 3 boyz, and Walmart.
QUESTION # 5. Do you make other items?
ANSWER: Yes I do make things that are not listed. I am more than willing to try to make an item for you. It may take a little extra time to figure out a pattern and sizing. Patience is appreciated!
QUESTION #6. Do you embroider?
ANSWER: I just placed an order for a Singer SES 1000 embroidery machine. I will have it open for custom orders shortly. I will let you know what the additional cost will be.
QUESTION #7. How do I care for my items?
ANSWER: I like to wash all dresses and applique inside out on the delicate cycle. I prefer that they be air-dried. Items can be ironed on medium low setting EXCEPT for ribbon! It will melt your ribbon if you put the iron on it.
QUESTION # 8. Do you smoke and/or have animals?
ANSWER: NO, I do not smoke. Your items will come from a smoke free environment. I do have pets (and small children) but I do my best to keep them out of my sewing work area.
QUESTION #9. What sizes do you make?
ANSWER: Most of my sizes range from newborn to size 7/8. I do custom work for older/bigger girls and I have also made applique shirts for adults. I do not stock any of those items so it would be an order that I have to custom purchase at the time.
Question #10. What items can we expect for the future from SWC?
ANSWER: some ideas down the pike are (but not limited to....)
1. bible covers
2. aprons
3. upcycled skirts
4. nursing covers
5. car seat covers
6. pillows
7. photo stitched items
8. bibs
9. tooth-fairy pillows
10. crayon rolls
11. neck pillows
12. American Girl doll clothes
13. table runners
14. Holiday banners
AND so much more!
If you have a question that I haven't answered in this post please don't hesitate to email it to me at or or post it at the facebook site 

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