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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Options

I know that economic times are hard. I also know that there are several stores that you can go to & put your items on layaway. I have worked with a few customers over the past year that had to pay in installments or wait until the next paycheck so I thought why not offer layaway too? I wanted to give this option for unique, one-of-a kind gifts when you are on a budget!
Here is the fine print!

We have decided to offer a layaway system.

We love shopping and understand that a layaway system could make paying a bit easier for some people (especially over the christmas period)

To make a layby you will need to confirm your order and pay 25% deposit to cover the cost of materials.

We will allow up to 8 weeks for a layaway. (Unless you make other specific arrangements.)

Regular (each payperiod) payments must be made

Items will not be posted until layaway is finalized.

We will begin working on orders as soon as the deposit is paid.

All layaways not finalized by the end of the 8 weeks (unless other arrangements have been made with us) will be listed for sale and 25% deposit will be forfieted. All other money will be refunded.

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