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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

News on custom orders

Hi guys!
We are settling into our new home and I am slowly getting my sewing studio to where it needs to be.
We will be reopening for business September 1st. I will be posting a huge amount of stock at discount prices to make room for new products.
We will not be able to take custom orders at this time for a few reasons....
1. We found out we are expecting Skidz kid #4 in February.
2. Mr. Skidz will be deploying before the newest arrives.
I want to spend time with him and our family without the pressure of custom orders that are due. Deployments are notriously hard and we don't want to miss a single minute with him.
I will be introducing a few new products and still sewing pre mades for sale. If I decide that the schedule can handle a few custom orders, I will open it up for first come, first served. 
Thank-you all for your support and business! We appreciate it!

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