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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Teacher's gifts.....

Anyone else running far behind in this season of joy?
Yeah me too! I am about to head off to my middle daughter's pre-school for her cookie decorating and Christmas concert. What am I doing at home in the last 30 minutes? Well I am finishing up Christmas gifts for the teachers, isn't that what you would be doing?
I ran into 3 busy moms who were off to do the very same thing. Why do we do that to ourselves as moms?
Will you join me in my journey in 2016 as I take a jump into being a more healthy me? One of the things that I am working towards accomplishing is becoming more organized personally and professionally.
Want to know more? I will be posting from 
Here's to a more organized 2016! Oh and by the way, we have plenty of teacher gifts for end of the year at 

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