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Monday, January 30, 2012

For all you cloth diapering mama's....

Although I am not a cloth diapering mama, I am going to try to switch to cloth wipes for our third and final child.
I am excited to offer these cloth wipes to SWC customers starting this summer when we return from maternity leave.
What is a cloth wipe you ask?
A cloth wipe is......
Cloth wipes are the sensible and cost-effective alternative to disposable wipes. They also work phenomenally better at cleaning your little one’s bum, messy hands, and faces too! Simply toss the soiled wipes along with the diaper into your diaper pail or wet bag until laundry day.

Cloth wipes can be used a variety of ways, the most common recommendation are:

•Store them wet and ready-to-go in a wipe warmer (or a plastic container)

•Store them dry, then wet them as needed (use a spray bottle, pump pot, or run the wipes under the faucet)

Based on a modest estimation, you can save a minimum of $100 a year by using cloth wipes rather than disposable wipes!

Cloth wipes are washable and reusable many times. They have many different uses too. You can have a pile designated for wiping up little noses and a pile in the kitchen towel drawer for cleaning our kids up after dinner.
They can also be thrown in a wet bag for portable use on boogie little noses & sticky hands on the go!

If you are going to cloth diaper your baby, cloth baby wipes are absolutely essential. Cloth wipes are more convenient when you are cloth diapering, are healthier for your baby, save money and cut down on landfill waste.

There are two ways to use cloth wipes, the dry method and the wet method. To use the dry method, you'll put your wipe solution (or water) in a small spray bottle. When needed, spray your baby's bottom and use a dry wipe to wipe clean. This is also the method we recommend for your diaper bag. To use the dry method, you'll need wipe solution (we recommend Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion) and a stack of wipes.

To use the wet method, you'll make your own wipe solution in a small bowl, plunge your wipes into the bowl and store them in a wipe warmer. This ensures that you'll always have warm wipes ready for the next diaper change. To use this system, you'll need a wipe warmer, wipe solution concentrate and a stack of wipes.

If you are cloth diapering full-time, we recommend purchasing 2-3 dozen wipes.

When your baby is born, hospitals recommend that you use plain water to wipe your baby's skin because disposable baby wipes can be harsh on tender new skin. If your baby has a rash, disposable baby wipes can actually make the skin more irritated!

Cloth wipes will be available Summer 2012.
They will be 4x8 and 8x8.
Tentative pricing will be $2.00 each or I will quote your price on your specific number if ordering in bulk!
Stay tuned as I am looking up recipes for making your own wipe solution!

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